About Us

JKP has been specialized in precision manufacture with

pioneering minds about 10 years, and now  JKP has

become one of top five-star suppliers throughout the

whole field of precision products in the globe.

Prospect Forecast

       JKP have developed rapidly in recent years, the group now has a total area of three large base workshop more than 35000 square meters, professional R & D center and manufacturing base, there are more than 100 people with senior title and rich experience, senior skilled workers and manufacturing employees, the total number of nearly 1000 people, 2015 JKP total annual turnover is more than 50 million US dollars, and JKP have some special industry patent, cultural ideas and technological innovation efforts to further increase ,

      the management system gradually improve, industry leading technology and management talents to join, continuous input for foreign advanced equipments, fast upgrade the hardware and software of the system and optimization, through 10 years of pioeer in the new phase of the global layout, JKP on the unity of technology innovation, rapid development, production scale is continually expanding, turnover continued to rise, customers all over Both at home and abroad, JKP is planning to go overseas listing in the near future, in the near future JKP will write a new legend of the industry!