About Us

JKP has been specialized in precision manufacture with

pioneering minds about 10 years, and now  JKP has

become one of top five-star suppliers throughout the

whole field of precision products in the globe.

Company Culture

        In the field of the ultra precision mould technology, JKP knows all of the underlying from "people" technology;And in order to let all JKP family members to "heart" together, JKP to the influence of Chinese traditional culture;"On to worship, with goodness, for a person with and, to the matter in true" way of cultivating, achievement the platinum cheung people generous rich far artistically and accomplishment.
In succession JKP core value and integration in the process of team effectiveness, JKP for excellent talents to create room to grow.In JKP, no traditional multifarious title of industrial organization, experience inheritance and focused on coach's lead, encourage each loyal and ambitious partner, give full play to its own ability and enthusiasm, and provide the opportunity for it.
JKP corporate culture, is in the heart: the purpose is to influence the staff's heart, make employees partners have awareness (wake up), there are awakening of partners, will naturally with the enterprise, this is the true cultural value!Only know self precipitation, reflect on diligence and work hand in hand in the team, to provide customers with more valuable competitive advantage and secure long-term partnership!
We emphasize discipline, speed and flexibility, with high strain capacity to adapt to customer needs to achieve enterprise core of execution.

      We continued to exceed precision technology development and production capacity, the ability of vertical integration of supply chain, to create customer satisfaction and to maximize the value of their interests.