Over the past decade, JKP launched long-term cooperation closely

with many top companies in the world.   Through Years of striving

JKP have made great progress , and overcome the ultimate challenge

and provide 0.001mm tolerance level of precision

Vertical Integration of JKP Core Competence

Ten years, ten years, JKP has written out of the ordinary stand together through storm and stress, the industry legend! Founder and President of JKP MR Jake Lee and CEO Ms Grace Yan, to their hitherto unknown industry pioneer new thinking, in order to ascend Taishan and view the world vision, to all rivers run into sea broadmindedness, learn something corporate culture management essence,

all-round integration of talent introduction and training management, market research, product development, supply chain management, trial production to mass production, logistics, customer service and other services in various different sectors, improve efficiency and reduce costs. So as to achieve a win-win situation.

We provide a wide range of aftermarket products and support services to meet all kinds of applications and requirements. We provide high-quality precision molds and precision products, these molds and products have been applied to a variety of different customers need to update the latest technology. JKP not only care about the quality of the products, market and service, cost and profit, we are more concerned about the guests or the interests of the partners related items, including full cooperation from early and late and common as to improve and enhance the technological innovation and cultural products to the market and shadow ring.