Over the past decade, JKP launched long-term cooperation closely

with many top companies in the world.   Through Years of striving

JKP have made great progress , and overcome the ultimate challenge

and provide 0.001mm tolerance level of precision

Initiative Sketch-to-Scale

In order to ensure the efficiency of cooperation with customers in advance, whether it is ODM or OEM, in the precision manufacturing industry, JKP is out of the ordinary can show the lateral and longitudinal resource management and comprehensive quality management system, the ability and qualification of extraordinary people, rooted in the JKP DNA, which is JKP in the culture of western culture integration and refining, the flexibility and program management not only in All blend into one harmonious whole., product manufacturing and system later,

In fact, in the business started, JKP started to carefully study the market, pay attention to the project and its trend of development, accurately grasp the pulse of the market oriented, customer-oriented, excluding the gain, in the beginning of the project at the beginning, will actively participate in the process of the project and support the guest's initial originator, common development and progress, a high level of integrity, pioneering thinking, in the precision manufacturing industry First, the high-end STS (Sketch-to-Scale) mode of cooperation, rewrite industry cooperation mode, with fearless pioneer spirit, striving to be the industry leader!