Over the past decade, JKP launched long-term cooperation closely

with many top companies in the world.   Through Years of striving

JKP have made great progress , and overcome the ultimate challenge

and provide 0.001mm tolerance level of precision

Experienced Craftsmen

JKP now has professional R & D center and manufacturing base, there are more than 100 people with senior title and rich experience, senior skilled workers and manufacturing employees, the total number of nearly 1000 people.
Our craftsmen are highly experienced in every phase of precision mold tooling, mold polishing, custom plate machining and precision weldments. Customers trust our craftsmen to design, manufacture and repair complex molds that many of our competitors won’t tackle. They will anticipate obstacles in advance, ask insightful questions about mold polishing up front, and help develop solutions before we begin to build your molds.



Skilled craftsmen with over 10 years of experience that can be capable of fulfilling even the most exacting client’s needs.
Professional Logistics team driven by process automation to ensure on-time delivery and accuracy of every order.
Dedicated Customer service team assigned to each customer to achieve the highest level of service and customer satisfaction
Custom designers utilizing the best design tools and capable of handling even the toughest design requests.