Over the past decade, JKP launched long-term cooperation closely

with many top companies in the world.   Through Years of striving

JKP have made great progress , and overcome the ultimate challenge

and provide 0.001mm tolerance level of precision

ERP Management System

 JKP is striving to create more and more profit space for our customers by efficient management on every stage of design, manufacturing, cost, logistics and after-sales service, etc. to make Vertical collaboration of all kinds of resources, to promote our core competence, since win-win is our most important business philosophy.   
Management System seeks to improve JKP’s efficiency by systematically improving the efficiency of task completion by utilizing scientific, engineering, and mathematical analysis. The goal is to reduce waste, increase the process and methods of production, and create a just distribution of goods. This goal serves the common interests of employers, employees, and society.

We have an efficient production team, scientific internal management system and abundant safe inventory to guarantee timely production and delivery.

Apply scientific ways, stick to research, development and production of “zero defect” first-rate products, focus on customer satisfaction, and cater for international market needs in all all-around way.