Market & Service

JKP is striving to create more and more profit space

for our customers by efficient management on every

stage of design, manufacturing, cost, logistics and

after-sales service, etc.

Through Years of striving, JKP have made great progress

beyond our original forecast and overcome the ultimate

challenge of precision and provide 0.001mm tolerance level

of precision molds and spare parts for some of rigorous users

while providing related products with thoughtful service system.

No1 to Free First-Article Making for New Cooperation

Chinese Millennium classic said "so for 100 Valley sea king, with its good under JKP," people know that if you want to become the industry leader, must advance the vision, Hainachuan mind, generous temperament, dare to courage and insight! JKP in the face of precious guests from five continents, as long as each other sincerely relative, close consultation, mutual discussion, comprehensive analysis, and the importance of the research and design of hardware and software, to grasp the pilot and mass production in every key, comprehensive management of each project cooperation in every aspect, do not a business.

The core idea of JKP is more than the company management based on our from different countries and regions all partners alike, who can sincerely Li, business cooperation and all information related to cooperation and business reputation to provide comprehensive complete and reliable, our will on the cooperation first, with the highest standards of quality, provide for the first time of sample and provide the complete test report to free mode, cooperation and service and related follow-up!