Market & Service

JKP is striving to create more and more profit space

for our customers by efficient management on every

stage of design, manufacturing, cost, logistics and

after-sales service, etc.

Through Years of striving, JKP have made great progress

beyond our original forecast and overcome the ultimate

challenge of precision and provide 0.001mm tolerance level

of precision molds and spare parts for some of rigorous users

while providing related products with thoughtful service system.

Navigate the Innovation Markets

We are fully aware of the importance of constantly reinforced competiveness and innovation in the fierce competitions. Innovation has become the theme of the era. Carry out innovation in corporate activities, build the management mechanism suitable for corporate development, get rid of the backward and sustain innovation, and facilitate rapid corporate development, so that the company is able to flexibly adjust to the ever-changing market environment. JKP embraces all sophisticated knowledge and experience with a broad mind, accumulates them little by little, sustains innovation, and does it best to create the organizational atmosphere and mechanism in favor of innovation.

In regions worldwide, our products give customers a competitive advantage. When you're introducing products or scaling production, JKP understands the regional factors that matter.